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Port details
blind Collection of command line video editing utilities
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Port Added: 29 Jan 2018 19:23:25
License: ISC
blind uses a raw video format with a simple container. A file begins with
an plain-text line, containing the number of frames, the width, the height,
and the pixel format, all separated by a single regular blank space, without
and leading or tailing white space. After this line, which ends with an LF,
there is a NUL-byte followed by the 4 characters "uivf" (unportable, interim
video format). This head is followed by the video frame-by-frame with row-major
frames. Pixels are independently encoded, and are encoded unscaled CIE XYZ with
non-premultiplied alpha and without any transfer-function, with values stored
in native doubles or optionally in native floats. These two configurations are
the only options, but the container format is designed so this can be changed
arbitrarily in the future.

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  1. /usr/local/share/licenses/blind-1.1/
  2. /usr/local/share/licenses/blind-1.1/LICENSE
  3. /usr/local/share/licenses/blind-1.1/ISC
  4. bin/blind-arithm
  5. bin/blind-colour-ciexyz
  6. bin/blind-colour-srgb
  7. bin/blind-compress
  8. bin/blind-concat
  9. bin/blind-crop
  10. bin/blind-cut
  11. bin/blind-decompress
  12. bin/blind-dissolve
  13. bin/blind-extend
  14. bin/blind-flip
  15. bin/blind-flop
  16. bin/blind-from-image
  17. bin/blind-from-text
  18. bin/blind-from-video
  19. bin/blind-gauss-blur
  20. bin/blind-invert-luma
  21. bin/blind-next-frame
  22. bin/blind-read-head
  23. bin/blind-repeat
  24. bin/blind-reverse
  25. bin/blind-rewrite-head
  26. bin/blind-set-alpha
  27. bin/blind-set-luma
  28. bin/blind-set-saturation
  29. bin/blind-single-colour
  30. bin/blind-skip-pattern
  31. bin/blind-split
  32. bin/blind-stack
  33. bin/blind-time-blur
  34. bin/blind-to-image
  35. bin/blind-to-text
  36. bin/blind-to-video
  37. bin/blind-translate
  38. bin/blind-transpose
  39. bin/blind-write-head
  40. man/man1/blind-arithm.1.gz
  41. man/man1/blind-colour-ciexyz.1.gz
  42. man/man1/blind-colour-srgb.1.gz
  43. man/man1/blind-compress.1.gz
  44. man/man1/blind-concat.1.gz
  45. man/man1/blind-crop.1.gz
  46. man/man1/blind-cut.1.gz
  47. man/man1/blind-decompress.1.gz
  48. man/man1/blind-dissolve.1.gz
  49. man/man1/blind-extend.1.gz
  50. man/man1/blind-flip.1.gz
  51. man/man1/blind-flop.1.gz
  52. man/man1/blind-from-image.1.gz
  53. man/man1/blind-from-text.1.gz
  54. man/man1/blind-from-video.1.gz
  55. man/man1/blind-gauss-blur.1.gz
  56. man/man1/blind-invert-luma.1.gz
  57. man/man1/blind-next-frame.1.gz
  58. man/man1/blind-read-head.1.gz
  59. man/man1/blind-repeat.1.gz
  60. man/man1/blind-reverse.1.gz
  61. man/man1/blind-rewrite-head.1.gz
  62. man/man1/blind-rotate-180.1.gz
  63. man/man1/blind-rotate-270.1.gz
  64. man/man1/blind-rotate-90.1.gz
  65. man/man1/blind-set-alpha.1.gz
  66. man/man1/blind-set-luma.1.gz
  67. man/man1/blind-set-saturation.1.gz
  68. man/man1/blind-single-colour.1.gz
  69. man/man1/blind-skip-pattern.1.gz
  70. man/man1/blind-split.1.gz
  71. man/man1/blind-stack.1.gz
  72. man/man1/blind-time-blur.1.gz
  73. man/man1/blind-to-image.1.gz
  74. man/man1/blind-to-text.1.gz
  75. man/man1/blind-to-video.1.gz
  76. man/man1/blind-translate.1.gz
  77. man/man1/blind-transpose.1.gz
  78. man/man1/blind-write-head.1.gz
  79. man/man7/blind.7.gz
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To install the port: cd /usr/ports/multimedia/blind/ && make install clean
To add the package: pkg install blind

PKGNAME: blind


TIMESTAMP = 1517173257
SHA256 (blind-1.1.tar.gz) = 24f903ccb5e118d75f38d3ae0d85fed909749f978bff47ff6973ee1bfddfcc5a
SIZE (blind-1.1.tar.gz) = 47568

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Build dependencies:
  1. gmake : devel/gmake
There are no ports dependent upon this port

Configuration Options
     No options to configure


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Number of commits found: 1

Commit History - (may be incomplete: see SVNWeb link above for full details)
29 Jan 2018 19:21:21
Original commit files touched by this commit  1.1
yuri search for other commits by this committer
New port: multimedia/blind: Collection of command line video editing utilities

A minimalistic project from the suckless team:

Submitted by:	myself
Approved by:	tcberner (mentor)
Differential Revision:

Number of commits found: 1

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